Exhibitor Information 

WFevents has engaged ActionBrands to assist with your exhibition requirements for Comms Connect, to be held in Hall 5 in the Southee Complex, Riverina Rd, Sydney Olympic Park on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th June, 2017. Bump is on Tuesday 6th June 2017.

An integral component of the Comms Conect 2017 conference is the exhibition featuring sponsor companies. ActionBrands has been engaged by WFevents to ensure your involvement is both rewarding and runs smoothly.

Display Booths

The exhibition booths are being built by Moreton Hire and are constructed using white melamine walls. If you wish to attach posters to these walls you will need either velcro or yellow tack. The booth design is indicated below. Moreton Hire staff will be in touch with you regarding

  • any exhibition furniture you require,
  • any additional electrical requirements for power points or lights,
  • the details of your fascia signage.

evolve shell scheme

Evolve shell scheme diagrams with dimensions

The shell scheme booths have been upgrade to the Evolve design which allows for increased marketing artwork and design.

Where do I arrange additional furniture or electrical equipment?

Log in using your email address at the following link to access the order forms for furniture, fascia signage, additional light and power and shell scheme package.

If you wish to contact Moreton Hire direct, please contact either Chloe Robinson or Danielle Paten on the details below.

Chloe Robinson
p 03 9300 5761
m 0417 796 530
f 03 9300 5733

Danielle Paten
p 03 9300 5700
d 03 9300 5708
f 03 9300 5733

 Can I send my exhibition equipment to the Sydney Olympic Park?

Agility Fairs & Events (a specialised exhibition and event logistics provider) has been appointed as the official logistics contractor to Comms Connect 2017. We highly recommend using Agility as their service is door-to-stand and they work weekends and outside normal business hours. Agility Fairs & Events will deliver your equipment to the exhibition floor to your booth on, ready for set up.

Agility Fairs & Events can arrange all local, interstate and international transport services including delivery onto each exhibitors’ stand at the exhibition venue. Storage of early consignments, packing materials during the exhibition and storage after the exhibition can also be arranged.

Prior to the exhibition, Agility Fairs & Events will contact all exhibitors to discuss individual transportation and other logistics requirements.

In the meantime, to request a quote please

For further information please contact:
Rebecca Ledwell, Exhibition Coordinator
Agility Fairs & Events
p 02 8755 8805
f 02 9642 6899

Agility Fairs & Events standard trading conditions apply for services provided – it is important
that you are aware of these. Services include: transport, cranage, forklift, porterage, clearance, delivery, storage, positioning and all other onsite services.

If you need to send bulky exhibition equipment to the venue, this needs to be arranged via the freight forwarder. Trolleys, pallet jacks or other methods of moving bulky objects are not allowed access to the venue. Items you cannot comfortably carry or those in excess of 20kgs, will need to be delivered to the nominated freight forwarder, Agility Fairs & Events. Who will deliver your equipment to the exhibition floor.

Public liability insurance requirements

Exhibitors must hold adequate Public Liability Insurance cover for their stand, products and personnel. This refers to damage or injury caused to third parties/visitors on or in the vicinity of an exhibition stand. This must include the bump-in and bump-out times of the exhibition as well as for the duration of the exhibition.

Public liability insurance must also be included to the value of $10 million. Westwick Farrow cover general aisle way and gangway areas. This must be provided prior to personnel being allowed access to the exhibition.

In the interests of Occupational Health and Safety it is important to recognise that during move in and move out the exhibition is a CONSTRUCTION ZONE and extreme care must be taken at all times.

Exhibitors need to forward a copy of your certificate of currency for Public Liability Insurance by email to or fax attention Katherine Lewis on 02 9489 1265.

When are the bump-in (set up) and bump-out (pack up) times?

Bump-in: Exhibitors can setup from

Space Only – Custom Builds – Contact Ron McGregor on 0400 156 414 for access times and freight arrangements

Shell Scheme Booths – 3m by 3m – from 1pm – 6pm Tuesday 6th June
Shell Scheme Booths – 3m by 2m – from 2pm – 6pm Tuesday 6th June

All Exhibitors – 7.30am till 8.30am Wednesday 7th June

Bump-out: Exhibitors can commence break down of their display only after the conference closes.

All Exhibitors – 3.30pm till 8pm Thursday 8th June – Custom Builders will commence bump out form 4:30pm.

For OHS compliance, it is important that exhibitors do not commence display breakdown while conference attendees are still in attendance.

Who do we seek assistance from regarding our exhibition setup?

ActionBrands staff will be in attendance at the venue during the bump in, conference and bump out. Ask for Ron McGregor or Lauretta Williams. Ron can be reached on 0400 156 414.

How do I arrange optional extras?

If you are looking for information about optional extras such as Telecommunications, Wifi and cabled broadband connections, Parking, Compressed air, please contact Sydney Showground Venue Services on 02 9704 1265 or

To book service click on the link below to order the services you require.

How do I find the Conference Venue?

See the map below with the location of the Exhibition and Conference. The entry to the conference is on the corner of Showground Rd and Grand Parade. If you would like more details on how to get to Sydney Olympic Park, please click on the link below.

Where do we book accommodation for our representatives?

Comms Connect has organised accommodation through Show Group. Please click on the link below which will take you to the official Comms Connect website to download the accommodation and travel booking form. Once you have completed the automated tab through form with all your travel requirements you will then need to save the form and submit it via either email or fax, for a Show Group consultant will respond.

What car parking is available at the Sydney Showground?

Casual parking is generally available for $5.00 per hour or a flat rate of $25 per day (maximum). The closest parking station to the venue is either P1 or P6, keep an eye out for the signs as you drive into Sydney Olympic park.

Discounted Exhibitor parking can be ordered before  Monday May 22nd at the link below. This offer closes on May 23rd 2017.

ActionBrands staff look forward to assisting your successful involvement at Comms Connect 2017. If you are interested in exhibiting at Comms Connect 2017 contact Paul Davis on 02 9487 2700.