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Exhibitor Information 

WFevents has engaged ActionBrands to assist with your exhibition requirements for Comms Connect 2019, to be held in Halls 7-9 via Door 5 of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, – Melbourne Convention and Entertainment Centre.

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An integral component of the Comms Connect 2019 conference is the exhibition featuring sponsor companies. ActionBrands has been engaged by WFevents to ensure your involvement is both rewarding and runs smoothly.

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There is a more detailed operations manual and exhibitors service kit available from the MCEC website.

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How do I find the Conference Venue?

Halls 7-9 of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre are near the link to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) and accessible via Door 5.  Refer to the map and google map link below to the MCEC.

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Display Booths

The exhibition booths are being built by Moreton Hire and are constructed using white melamine walls. If you wish to attach posters to these walls you will need either velcro or yellow tack. The booth design is indicated below. Moretons Hire staff will be in touch with you regarding

  • any exhibition furniture you require,
  • any additional electrical requirements for power points or lights,
  • the details of your fascia signage.

Syma with 500mm fascia

Where do I arrange additional furniture or electrical equipment?


If you wish to contact Moreton Hire direct, please call Sophie Webb or Hillary Clarke at Moreton Hire on

Sophie Webb

Hillary Clarke

Can I send my exhibition equipment to the MCEC?

Agility Fairs & Events (a specialised exhibition and event logistics provider) has been appointed as the official logistics contractor to Comms Connect 2019. We highly recommend using Agility as their service is door-to-stand and they work weekends and outside normal business hours. Agility Fairs & Events will deliver your equipment to the exhibition floor to your booth area ready for set up.

Agility Fairs & Events can arrange all local, interstate and international transport services including delivery onto each exhibitors’ stand at the exhibition venue. Storage of early consignments, packing materials during the exhibition and storage after the exhibition can also be arranged.

Prior to the exhibition, Agility Fairs & Events will contact all exhibitors to discuss individual transportation and other logistics requirements.

In the meantime, to request a quote please, click here to login to obtain the Agility logistics quote form

For further information please contact:

Katharine Barraclough
Agility Fairs & Events

Agility Fairs & Events standard trading conditions apply for services provided – it is important that you are aware of these. Services include: transport, cranage, forklift, porterage, clearance, delivery, storage, positioning and all other onsite services.

If you choose to send your equipment by a common courier, ensure your items arrive on

Monday 25th Nov between 11am and 3pm or Tuesday 26th Nov between 12noon and 2pm. Exhibitors who choose this method need to recognise the risk if goods are not delivered or delivered late which will affect your bump in time.

Do not send equipment to the venue that arrives prior to Mon 25th November as the shipment will be rejected.  MCEC staff will not sign and store any equipment.

If you choose to deliver your goods please do so via the loading dock indicated below.  Enter the loading dock from Normanby Street and follow the signage.  Roller door 5 provides access to Halls 7,8 and 9. Unload your vehicle and then move the vehicle to one of the designated parking areas while you set up your displays. Do not arrive at the loading dock any earlier than 12noon on Tuesday 26st November.

MCEC Loading dock map

If the item can be carried, or taken in an airport style trolley case you will be able to transport your equipment from the parking bays to the exhibition area via the concourse.

Public liability insurance requirements

Exhibitors must hold adequate Public Liability Insurance cover for their stand, products and personnel. This refers to damage or injury caused to third parties/visitors on or in the vicinity of an exhibition stand. This must include the bump-in and bump-out times of the exhibition as well as for the duration of the exhibition.

Public liability insurance must also be included to the value of $10 million. Westwick Farrow cover general aisle way and gangway areas. This must be provided prior to personnel being allowed access to the exhibition.

In the interests of Occupational Health and Safety it is important to recognise that during move in and move out the exhibition is a CONSTRUCTION ZONE and extreme care must be taken at all times.

Please forward a copy of your certificate of currency for Public Liability Insurance to Katherine Lewis by Monday 28th October. Either email it to or fax attention Katherine Lewis on 02 9489 1265.

When are the bump-in (set up) and bump-out (pack up) times?

Bump-in: Exhibitors can set-up from

Space Only – Custom Build Contractors from 10:00 Monday 25th November – Contact Ron McGregor on 0400 156 414 for access times and freight arrangements

Shell Scheme Booths and Exhibitors on Custom Build Stands – as per emailed schedule on Tuesday 26th November. Contact Ron if you have questions.

All Exhibitors – 07:00 till 09:00 Wednesday 27th November

Bump-out: Exhibitors can commence break down of their display only after the conference closes at 15:30.

All Shell Scheme Exhibitors – 15.30 till 20:00 Thurs 28th November

Custom Builders will commence bump out form 16:30.

For OHS compliance, it is important that exhibitors do not commence display breakdown while conference attendees are still in attendance.

Who do we seek assistance from regarding our exhibition setup?

ActionBrands staff will be in attendance at the venue during the bump in, conference and bump out. Ask for Ron McGregor or call him on 0400 156 414.

How do I arrange wireless internet access?

MCEC offer a free wifi service so that exhibitors can check email and browse the internet.

MCEC Wireless is ideally suited for sending and receiving emails, basic internet
browsing and downloading small amounts of information. This service is best
suited to be used by delegates and visitors to the MCEC who want to access
information in short time periods. A full set of MCEC Wireless Terms of Use are available from the MCEC Wireless portal.

If you need a dedicated broadband line contact Ron McGregor on 02 4391 0444 by November 4th 2019.

 What car parking is available at the MCEC?

If you’re driving to Comms Connect, there are five car parks available for use. Make sure you park in the Exhibition Centre Basement car park in order to obtain parking at the discounted rate at $24 per day. Please obtain the discounted rate ticket from the registration desk which will override the to the discounted price on your exit.

Click here for more information on Parking at MCEC

ActionBrands staff look forward to assisting your successful involvement at Comms Connect 2019.

If you are interested in exhibiting at Comms Connect 2019 contact Paul Davis on 02 9487 2700.